Book Review of Farewell, Anahera

This is a unique, timeless story which will appeal to all ages.  It is beautiful, comforting and uplifting, for anyone who has lost someone they love.

It describes Anahera's journey, written in her heart, as she travels between the world of the living, Te Ao Marama, and the world of her ancestors, Hawaiki.   It talks about a calling which draws her from a dreamless sleep to her marae where her whānau are gathered, on through Te Taiao to Te Rerenga Wairua.

I especially recommend this book to whānau who have little ones with questions about the process of death, because it puts images and words to concepts which can be hard to explain.  It is based on the Māori concept of spirits travelling to the Te Rerenga Wairua near Cape Reinga, and it will have appeal to all peoples.

I think it will appeal especially to children aged about four to twelve-years-old.  It is written in both Māori and Te Reo Pākehā in the same book.

Farewell, Anahera is by Vanessa Hatley-Owen, translated by Kanapu Rangitauira and illustrated by Scott Irvine, published by Duck Creek Press 2023.


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